Thrilling Relay at the end – Sweden and France take the gold medals

The last race of FISU World University Championship Orienteering 2022 was a very tight fight for victory in both, men’s and women’s race. It was the last small loop of five close controls which turned the table in favour of France in the women’s race. Cécile Calandry kept coming closer to the leading group, but it looked like victory for Switzerland or Sweden in the arena passage. But small mistakes by the two runners in the lead allowed Cécile to sneak through the thickets and appear as the first runner at the last control. It was a surprising, but well-deserved victory for France. Switzerland and Sweden performed almost equally well on all three legs, and it was only by a small margin that Switzerland’s Katrin Müller secured the silver medal for her team.

In the men’s race it looked as if Switzerland could claim gold after two legs, but then it was France and Sweden who had taken the lead at the arena passage. Viktor Svensk of Sweden kept calm and pushed hard, feeling that he might outrun Mathieu Perrin on the last metres of the race. The Swede did not know that the French anchorman had skipped control five and that France was out of the race for medals. But this did not matter for Viktor Svensk at that moment as he, indeed, was the one to cross the finish line first.  And then, it was Switzerland’s Fabian Aebersold who followed suit, claiming silver, with Finland’s Topi Syriäläinen taking the bronze medal for his team.

Photo by Rolf Gemperle

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