Team Switzerland wins the Sprint Relay

The Sprint Relay in Langenthal was decided on the third leg as the leading runner of Sweden August Mollén made a mistake in the route choice and allowed Tino Polsini of Switzerland to take the lead. On the first leg Vilma von Krusenstierna (Sweden) and Elisa Mattila (Finland) could open a tiny gap to Switzerland’s Deborah Stadler, but the race for gold was open, with a surprisingly strong Spanish team in a chasing position. Sweden’s Jonathan Gustafsson then pulled away and it looked as if Sweden would take victory. However, Switzerland’s Timo Suter and Finland’s Teemu Oksanen had clean runs and kept their teams in contention. After Sweden’s mistake, it was Eline Gemperle out in the lead and despite some uncertainties she secured Switzerland the gold medal pushing hard to the very end. There was a tight fight for silver between Tilda Östberg (Sweden) and Inka Nurminen (Finland), with the better ending for Sweden. Congratulations to Spain who secured fourth place. Great Britain and Czech Republic would end the exciting race on 5th and 6th position.

Photo by Rolf Gemperle

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